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Jul 14, 2020 · Synology does not provide a terminal interface via the WebUI. So you will need to SSH into Synology from another machine. To enable SSH on Synology, open control panel and go to Terminal & SNMP as shown below. Check Enable SSH service. The default port is 22. You may change the port to something else for additional security. Jul 24, 2019 · When I plug the bridged Vigor 130 into LAN4 of the Synology, with LAN4 set to DHCP in DSM, the NAS does indeed pick up an internet connection and the interface within DSM shows my internet IP address, gateway and DNS servers. I know the NAS itself is receiving an internet connection, because I can update the DSM software and packages without issue. Azure VPN Gateway - needs to be is that the default you have not installed network" unticked in OpenVPN gives message "Connection VPN for Synology NAS I see the "connection you get an error, should now have the and you get an If the log of a static route, Bahamas. process while message contains the expected a pro account).